Trading Strategy



Are you ready to take your trading to the TOP LEVEL?


Do you want to build your trading account from less than $500.00

to potentially multi-millions in 1-2 years?


Would you like to be able to do this from a smart phone anywhere in the world?








Trading Strategy





Are you ready to join me and start making STAGGERING profits?


When you learn my proven TGIF PAYDAY! options trading strategy, and begin compounding your contract size into the hundreds and even thousands week-to-week, you will be on your way to the land of 7-Figure Profitability in 1-2 short years!!!



This amazing strategy requires:


 NO  day trading margin account needed—you can start your trading account with less than $500.00 and set it up as a "cash account" which avoids the pesky pattern day trading rules ("PDT") that requires a minimum of $25k OR you could open a ROTH IRA and build your retirement account tax free!!!


 NO   more hunting for hours every day looking for trade opportunities—you only trade this strategy once per week!


 NO   more sitting around all day at your computer staring at charts—you can trade this strategy from a smart phone almost anywhere in the world!


 NO   more listening to the boooring talking puppets on CN-Blah-C (that is the BEST part of this strategy!!!)


 NO   more swings in the trading account because we trade 1 time for 1 price and COLLECT HUGE PROFITS!!


 YES! you will gain the FREEDOM to do what you want when you want because you only make trades on Thursday mornings for the Friday PAYDAY!!!


YES! in as little as 6-12 months, you can be on a PERMANENT VACATION if your TGIF PAYDAY! trades perform even half as good as they have in 2019 YTD!


Ok, what am I all excited about?


It's a discovery of epic profits with practically NO RISK!!!


The BEST part is that you can start your first trade with as little as $20.00-$50.00!!!!—NO...that is NOT a misprint!



For example, if you started the first week of Jan 2019 trading the  SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF TRUST) with this strategy, then here are the YTD results as of 8/30/19:




Want to get RICH?


Then if you pick the "aggressive" compound method #4 here are the YTD results:




I know, many people who have read this far might be skeptical about all of this. I mean, really, can you turn an initial investment of $20.00-$50.00 into hundreds of thousands of dollars in 6-12 months and even millions in 1-2 years?—YES YOU CAN WITH THIS PROVEN STRATEGY!


However, many investors may just want to make a few extra thousand dollars per year trading part time; keeping their risk low and building long-term wealth with minimal capital invested. Well, my trading friends, If you start your journey with my proven TGIF PAYDAY! Strategy, then I am going to teach you how to build true wealth at your pace and arrive with me in the land of 7-Figure Profitability!


Want to see the 2019 results?


Choose your compound journey below to see the

possibilities this proven strategy will do for you:




You may be may be asking is this even possible? Can you really get filled on multi-thousand contract loads?


The answer is, YES YOU CAN when trading the SPY!


In fact, the evidence I have presented below, proves it is possible, even probable to grow your contract loads into the multi-thousands because the SPY has the liquidity, volume and demand to allow you to buy/sell as much as you want.


Take a look at these daily snapshots of contract volume on the SPY:



This was the top 10 contract volume on the SPY for 12/27/19:





This was the top 10 contract volume on the SPY for 8/30/19:



This was the top 10 contract volume on the SPY for 8/2/19:



This was the top 10 contract volume on the SPY for 7/5/19:



This was the top 10 contract volume on the SPY for 6/21/19.



This was the top 10 contract volume on the SPY for 4/18/19.





If you have read this far, then you are ready to change your trading and financial life...


congratulations, you are at the right place at the right time!!!


The most asked question I get about this strategy is: What happens when I have a losing trade?


I want to be clear on this...NO trading strategy is 100%; and losing trades are guaranteed and expected to happen; however, we are NEVER 100% invested on the next trade and therefore, you can never get wiped out, even if you have several losing trades in a row; however, when we do have losing trades, we simply lower our contract loads on the next one and continue with confidence; because this strategy has produced winning trades 68-80% of the time; and the ROI is 100% to 1700% and even more per winning trade; therefore, it only takes 1-2 winning trades to wipe out several losing trades and continue the compounding!!


You may be unfamiliar what the power of a 68 – 80%+ win ratio is, so let me help you understand that from a trading perspective.


What all traders are on the hunt for is a proven strategy that has a statistical probability they can rely on to overcome losses, costs of trading and duration (time) to make a profit—this is know as a "TRADING EDGE."


In the options trading world, it is widely known that if you can maintain a 55% win ratio, you have a "TRADABLE EDGE" that will make you wealthy in 5-10 years!


Well, my strategy does not have a small edge for you to hang your trading hopes on, it performs like an AVALANCHE creating massive amounts of profits in 1-2 years or less depending on how much capital you start with and the compound rate you choose.


The beauty of this strategy is that we are NOT day trading; which is a daunting task and requires a full time effort, 100% discipline, accurate timing and  plenty of risk capital to have a "chance" at making a profit year-to-year. In fact, most brokers say in their disclosures:


   "Certain evidence indicates that an investment of less than $50,000

will significantly impair the ability of a day trader to make a profit." 


Putting up $50K is a lot of cheddar for anyone; and if you do not know what you are doing; then be prepared for the emotional roller coaster of your life; because there are plenty of rats (Market Makers and BIG, well funded trading sharks) waiting to eat up your capital if you do not know what you are doing—take if from me, I have had well over $50k in trading capital over my 20+ year trading career and it was NOT ENOUGH to make a consistent living year-over-year!


In FACT it took me 10+ years of trial and error before I learned how to lose money correctly. Yes, I said lose money, because the KEY to trading is not picking a winning trade, it is managing your capital after a losing trade; and then mastering the skill of managing your winners so you can maximize the profits you can make—Entry is Key...Exit is Everything! TM


Also, back in the day, when I started trading, there were no smart phones, high speed internet data, instant news, cheap or NO commissions etc.— I started when it was 56K modems and fax


In fact, when I started back in 1999, I spent thousands of dollars on trading education before I put on my first trade; and then I paid tuition to the markets via brokers commissions (trades back then cost $30 a contract), data expenses, subscriptions and then the real battle began. After losing thousands more, I started investing in guru marketers looking for that magic-bullet-trading-strategy, listening to TV  talking heads for sage advice (lol...NOT), and finally, I found a few mentors who I thought could accelerate my learning curve; only to find out they struggled as much as I was; creating even more of a rocky road of bad trades than good ones. 


Needless to say, my accounts had massive swings to the point I almost gave up for good until weekly options started trading in 2005; and then I finally figured out my own strategies (Lotto & White Whale Trades) that gave me a decisive trading edge and I started to build my accounts back up.


Although I have had some great successes with all of my strategies I teach, 2019-2020 is going to be the GAME CHANGING year for me and my students and subscribers as we implement the TGIF PAYDAY! and Stimulus-Compounder strategies!


I know, you are probably thinking that I am making this up, or it is just too good to be true, so let me put all your concerns at ease...the PROOF is in the charts below; and when you purchase my training manual(s), I am going to teach you exactly how to do this strategy or you can subscribe to my monthly service and follow my personal trades I am doing so you can take the journey with me to the land of 7-Figure profitability!!




These are the actual charts and strike prices that fit my proven TGIF PAYDAY! formula:



2019 - Week 1 –   250 CALLS    –   FILLED   – Expired on 1/4/19



2019 - Week 2 –    258 CALLS   –    NO FILLS   – Expired on 1/11/19




2019 - Week 3 –   262 CALLS    –   FILLED   –  Expired on 1/18/19    JACKPOT! 




2019 - Week 4 –   264 CALLS    –   FILLED   –  Expired on 1/25/19




2019 - Week 5 –   270 CALLS    –   FILLED   –  Expired on 2/01/19





2019 - Week 6 –   272 CALLS    –   FILLED   – Expired on 2/08/19





2019 - Week 7 –   275 CALLS    –   FILLED   – Expired on 2/15/19






2019 - Week 8 –   278 CALLS    –    FILLED   – Expired on 2/22/19




2019 - Week 9  –    280 PUTS   –    NO FILLS    – Expired on 3/1/19




2019 - Week 10 –   277 PUTS   –    NO FILLS   – Expired on 3/08/19





2019 - Week 11 –   281 CALLS    –    FILLED   – Expired on 3/15/19






2019 - Week 12  –   284 CALLS   –   FILLED   – Expired on 3/14/19




2019 - Week 13 –   281 CALLS    –   FILLED   – Expired on 3/29/19




2019 - Week 14 –   287 CALLS    –   FILLED   – Expired on 4/05/19




2019 - Week 15 –   288 CALLS  –   FILLED   – Expired on 4/12/19





2019 - Week 16 (1st LIVE Trade)   289.50 PUTS   –   FILLED   – Expired on 4/19/19







2019 - Week 17 (2nd LIVE Trade)   292 CALLS   –   FILLED   – Expired on 4/26/19




2019 - Week 18 (3rd LIVE Trade)   292 CALLS   –   FILLED   – Expired on 5/3/19




2019 - Week 19  (4th LIVE Trade)   288 PUTS   –     NO FILLS    – Expired on 5/10/19




2019 - Week 20  (5th LIVE Trade)    285 CALLS   –     NO FILLS    – Expired on 5/17/19





2019 - Week 21  (6th LIVE Trade) –  285 PUTS   –     NO FILLS    – Expired on 5/24/19






2019 - Week 22  (7th LIVE Trade) –  278 PUTS    –   FILLED   – Expired on 5/31/19





2019 - Week 23  (8th LIVE Trade) –  284 CALLS    –   FILLED   – Expired on 6/7/19




2019 - Week 24  (9th LIVE Trade) –  287 PUTS    –   LOSS   – Expired on 6/14/19





2019 - Week 25  (10th LIVE Trade) –  295 CALLS    –   DoubleUP! THUR   – Expired on 6/21/19






2019 - Week 26  (11th LIVE Trade) –   290 PUTS    –   LOSS   – Expired on 6/28/19




2019 - Week 27 (12th LIVE Trade) –  297 CALLS    –   NO FILLS   – Expired on 7/5/19





2019 - Week 28 (13th LIVE Trade) –  299.50 CALLS    –    FILLED   – Expired on 7/5/19




2019 - Week 29  (14th LIVE Trade) –   297 PUTS    –   LOSS   – Expired on 7/19/19





2019 - Week 30  (15th LIVE Trade) –   300 CALLS    –   FILLED   – Expired on 7/26/19






2019 - Week 32  (16th LIVE Trade) –   297.50 PUTS    –   FILLED  JACKPOT!   – Expired on 8/2/19



2019 - Week 33  (17th LIVE Trade) –   288 CALLS   –   NO FILLS    – Expired on 8/9/19








Here is the 2019 SPY Daily Chart:




Here is the 2019 weekly chart:




Are you convinced now? If you are, then you can start the journey today and party with me in the land of 7-Figure profitability!


Oh, and if you like to trade the hot stocks, then what I have shown you so far can get even better once you build your trading account, because  you can apply this strategy to fast moving large cap stocks like: AMZN, TSLA, NFLX, GOOGL and AAPL.


In past weeksany of these large cap stocks have all (and will do again) moved more than $20.00 on a Friday—and that can make you 6-Figures in a single trading day!!!


In fact, once you connect with your first winning TGIF PAYDAY! trade, you are a few weeks to a couple of months away until you compound to 50+ contract loads and can literally wake up to a 6-Figure winner on FRIDAY PAYDAYS!


50 contracts = 5,000 shares x $20.00 move = $100,000.00!








Here is PROOF you can do exactly what I am teaching you:


This was a Moby Dick JACKPOT $50+ move on AMZN!!!



Depending on your compound rate here are examples of the results:



This is going to happen again...question is, will you be ready to catch it?



Below are back testing for popular stocks and as you can see,

they ALL have solid win ratios and produce amazing results!












Profits Up!


The donFranko




Take the next step:





Entry is Key...Exit is Everything! TM










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